Foundation for
Value Creation

The Foundation for Value Creation (FVC) is committed to improving the state of value creation in nations and organizations. The Foundation develops and supports the Elite Quality Index (EQx).

The foundation works with academics, policy makers, business leaders and citizens – from all generations and backgrounds – to develop ideas and derive actions that lead to higher levels of elite quality and governance.

The foundation’s current flagship project, the Index of Elite Quality (EQx), aims to shape central debates on elite quality and help build valuable future prospects.

The Foundation for Value Creation Activities

The foundation is a not-for-profit foundation based in Switzerland.

Goethestrasse 61 |
9008 Sankt Gallen, Switzerland

Executive Team

Responsible for the index production, operations and outreach

Prof. Tomas Casas

Index Director

Assistant Professor at the University of St. Gallen, Director China Competence Center (FIM-HSG), visiting professor at the SKOLKOVO Moscow School of Management and at various Chinese business schools

Prof. Guido Cozzi

Chief Economist

Full Professor of Macroeconomics at the University of St. Gallen School of Economics and Political Science

Camille Zeller

Data Manager

Lead Coordinator of global EQx Research Team

Céline Diebold

Statistics Manager

PhD candidate at University of St. Gallen

Advisory Board

Provides strategic guidance on the Foundation’s research,
as well as the development of value creation concepts for policy, business practice and teaching

 Prof. Michael Hilb

Vice Chair of the Foundation

Titular Professor at the University of Fribourg, founder and CEO of DBP Group and a member of various supervisory and advisory boards of corporations and organizations, including the WEF Climate Governance Initiative, the International Board Foundation and the European Confederation of Directors’ Associations.

Prof. Shlomo Weber

Senior Economics Advisor

President and Professor of Economics at the New Economic School, Moscow and Professor Emeritus at the SMU in Dallas

Dr. Dmitrii Parilov

IMP Representative 

Managing director at dxFeed, PhD from the Steklov Mathematical Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences in Mathematical Analysis

Academic Leaders

The international leadership of the Elite Quality Index (EQx) project

Research Institute for International Management, University of St.Gallen (FIM-HSG)

FIM-HSG advances the understanding of globalisation, foreign business structures and different cultures. The institute focuses on the implications of globalisation on organisational strategies, structures and processes. As a result, it promotes effective ways to deal with the challenges of global business by providing sound and relevant education, rigorous and relevant empirical research, and thorough yet speedy advice to private and public sector practitioners. In this regard, the comparative study of elites across countries has deep implications for the understanding and for the practice of international business. Elite quality is posited to be one of the defining contextual variables for market entry choices, the degree of internationalization of organizations or even the profitability of international operations.

Institute of Economics, University of St. Gallen (FGN-HSG)

The FGN-HSG is an institute of the University  of St.Gallen that provides internationally recognized contributions to research in economics and economic policy debates, and offers excellent teaching at all levels. The FGN covers a broad range of topics in academic research, from applied microeconomics (industrial economics, game theory, contract theory) to public economics and economic policy (tax reform, business taxation, European integration, banking regulation) to macroeconomics (economic growth, innovation, economics of property rights). Competitively acquired third-party funding makes a significant contribution to basic research. FGN members publish their research in prestigious scientific journals, while being actively engaged in informing the public debate and providing scientific policy advice.

Strategic & Academic Partners

International teams investing in and researching on the Elite Quality Index (EQx) project

Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO

The Moscow School of Management – SKOLKOVO – founded in 2006, is a graduate business school joint project involving major Russian and international business leaders. Accredited by EQUIS EFMD, MSM SKOLKOVO is funded solely by its commercial activities and private investment. Its mandate is to become a platform where new generations of the Russian and CIS leaders develop as entrepreneurs, corporate executives, or public officials.

EQx IMP’s Partner: dxFeed

dxFeed is a market data and technology provider. Its primary focus is on delivering financial markets information and services to buy-side and sell-side institutions of the global financial industry. Since its inception, dxFeed has built one of the most comprehensive ticker plants in the world. On top of that, dxFeed offers the broadest range of data services, including index management solution—an integrated platform that provides full lifecycle index management.

Index Management Platform (IMP)

The Index Management Platform (IMP) is an electronic index management solution provided by EQx’s stratetic partner dxFeed. The IMP analyzes and visualizes heterogeneous data with a strong focus on automatization and quality control. As an integrated platform, it provides full lifecycle index management and complete support for index design, backtesting, basket analysis, reweighting, and rebalancing. It also has version management and automated tools for transferring the indices to maintenance and production, making them available through a rich set of APIs. Leveraging dxFeed’s automated data handling methods, the IMP increases performance by streamlining processes in an integrated environment. The solution significantly saves time spent on index management and reduces the risk of errors, allowing EQx to produce real-time, accurate visualization, reports and updates.

International Board Foundation

The International Board Foundation is a Swiss-based not-for-profit foundation dedicated to excellence in governance for the benefit of the individual, the organization and society by providing a global platform for professionals and academics in the field of corporate governance to network, develop and innovate. It operates the International Center of Corporate Governance, an international platform of corporate governance experts, the Swiss Board School, the leading training institution for corporate directors in Switzerland, and the Swiss Institute of Directors, the largest network of corporate directors in Switzerland, a member of the European Confederation of Directors’ Associations (ecoDa) and the Global Network of Director Institutes (GNDI).

Faculdade de Economia da Universidade do Porto

The Academic Partner of EQx for Portugal is the School of Economics and Management of the University of Porto (FEP). Founded in 1953, FEP is one of the best Portuguese Universities in all international rankings. From its inception, FEP has stood out for its multidisciplinary educational approach and its strong and unique connection to the surrounding economic and social environment. It offers a wide range of programmes: 2 Bsc, 16 Msc, and 2 PhD. FEP has the most qualified faculty in the country with a research orientation, and has a solid reputation in Economics, Management and Finance. FEP has strong corporate and alumni networks and its graduates are prepared for leading positions in national, and international, corporations and institutions. More information here.


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